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01274 776200


Hanson Academy, Sutton Avenue, Swain House, Bradford, BD2 1JP


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Hanson School Local Authority led Resourced Provision for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children and Young People

Hanson School Local Authority led Resourced Provision (LARP) is part of the Specialist Teaching and Support Services, Low Incidence Team

It provides specialist teaching and support to Deaf and hearing Impaired children and young people who have and Education Health and Care Plan or are undergoing an assessment for one due to needs which arise from their deafness / multi sensory impairment.

Hanson School’s Local Authority Led Resourced Provision for Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Children and Young People (LARP)

Who is it for?

‘The Local Authority led Resourced Provision for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children and Young People’ provides 34 places for school aged pupils aged 11 to 18 who are Deaf/ hearing impaired, and who as a result of their hearing loss, require more direct specialist teaching, support and resources, than a mainstream school could reasonably be expected to provide. 

How do I access it?

The RP is a Bradford Local Authority Resourced Provision (LARP) for children who have a sensory impairment.  The majority of Deaf/ hearing impaired children who attend the Resourced Provision (RP) will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). In the first instance, some children may attend the RP on an EHCP assessment place. Referral to the provision is made through the Bradford’s local authority’s Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Team:

What does it do?

The RP follows the statutory guidance outlined in the SEND Code of Practice (2015) and works in partnership with Hanson School, families, carers and pupils to provide additional specialist teaching, support and resources for children and young people across the Bradford district, who are Deaf or hearing impaired.

The RP ensures that the communication needs of all the children and young people are met; for those who require an auditory oral/aural approach or British Sign Language (BSL) or a mixture of both.

Students who have an EHCP or are attending Hanson’s RP on an assessment place for needs related to their deafness, will have daily access to Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs), Specialist Support Workers (SSWs), Deaf Instructors (DIs) and regular access to an Educational Audiologist and a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (SALT).

RP pupils will have access to a range of audiological equipment to ensure optimum listening opportunities and to maximise the use of their residual hearing. 

The RP provides:

• a bespoke and challenging curriculum that is based on individual need and planned and delivered by a Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) and/or supported in mainstream class by a Specialist Support Worker (SSW) and/ or Deaf Instructor (DI)

• a bilingual approach to language development; emphasis is placed on the continued development of written and where appropriate spoken English for all children, as well as an important and equal emphasis on the development of British Sign Language (BSL) with opportunities to achieve formal qualifications in BSL up to Level 3

• regular monitoring and evaluation of planning and delivery of teaching to Deaf pupils including individual targeted learning, small group work and inclusion in some or all aspects of the mainstream curriculum and school life.

• continued delivery of training and support for mainstream and support staff to ensure all Deaf pupils achieve their potential

• co-ordination and assessment of speech, language and communication skills in conjunction with other relevant professionals

• continual support for Deaf pupils to manage and maintain their audiology equipment

• attendance at all school parents’ meetings and school events, by RP specialist teaching staff

• regular consultation and annual review meetings, to discuss pupil's individual learning targets and progress against their ECHP outlined Needs, Provision and Outcomes

• home visits, on request according to need

• specialist support for transition, and preparation for adulthood

• regular parent drop-in sessions to support families, where information is shared about other local organisations and agencies such as Bradford Deaf Children's Society (BDCS), National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) and other local organisations that support/ work with the Deaf community

  • opportunities for parents/ carers and family members to develop their BSL skills and achieve formal qualifications
  • opportunities for children in school to attend BSL classes after school
  • a commitment to working effectively with multiple agencies including Social Care and Health

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