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01274 435751


CCHDT, Margaret McMillan Tower, Bradford, BD1 1NN

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Children's Complex Health or Disabilities Team 0-18


The Children's Complex Health or Disabilities Team (CCHDT) provides Social Care support for children and families in need as a result of the child’s complex health or disabilities. The team is made up of Social Workers, Community Resource Workers, a Children's Advisor and Business Support Officers and is a specialist team part of Bradford’s Children’s Social Care Services, for Children and Young People.

Meeting Needs

The team has a range of responsibilities which begin with carrying out assessments to identify the individual needs of the child, parent/carer and siblings. The assessment includes a carer’s assessment. The purpose is to identify the strengths and difficulties for children, parents/carers and siblings and how these can be supported.

Following on from the assessment, the team may then provide support which can range from:

  • specialist short breaks - either through Personalised Planning or Local Authority short break services
  • support with behaviour or sleep that is challenging
  • family and carer support
  • signposting to other appropriate services such as housing, carers resources, and any other appropriate universal support to help meet the identified needs.
  • The service also provides consultation for professionals who need discussion in relation to disability or complex health and social care needs.


CCHDT provides a specialist child and family assessment & social care service to disabled children and young people with the most complex needs (Tier 3 and 4)

If needs cannot be met via Universal (Tier 1) or Targeted (Tier 2) Services, for example, short break services delivered by the Specialist Inclusion Project, then a request for an Assessment can be made when:

  • Children and their families whose main presenting need for services specifically relates to the child’s disability or condition AND
  • The needs cannot be met by Universal/Targeted services alone AND
  • These conditions have a complex or acute impact on the child/young person and/or their families.

The range of additional needs may include:  

  • A severe or profound learning disability.
  • A severe or profound physical disability.
  • Significant or profound sensory disability.
  • Progressive conditions and complex medical needs.
  • Life limiting illness or degenerative condition.
  • Epilepsy which is having a significant impact on the child’s health and development.
  • Severe developmental delay arising from a disability.
  • A combination of disabilities, and complex health needs which individually are not severe but together cause as much impact as a very severe disability or health need.

This does not include children & young people with:

  • Mental health disorders where this is the primary need.
  • Social, emotional & behavioural problems not associated to a disability.

How to make a Referral for Service

All initial requests for CCHDT will go through the Children’s Service Contact Centre, which is a Single Point of Access. Referrals for service can be made directly by families or any professional that is involved with the child and family. However, consent has to be given by the parent/carer.

If the above criteria for referral to CCHDT are not initially met, but there are concerns, for example; the primary concern is around parenting capacity or safeguarding, the case should transfer to the most appropriate Localities Team. If further assessment then clearly indicates that the above criteria is met the case may then transfer to CCHDT at the next appropriate point. For example, at the completion of the assessment or following child protection involvement further work is required from the specialist team around short breaks or behaviours as a result of the child’s disability.

Accessing this support

You as a parent/carer or other family member can request an Assessment of Need by completing this form and send it to the Children's Services Contact Centre

The Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF) is for professional referrals which can be downloaded here.


Post: PO Box 992 BD1 5WS.

If you would like to discuss your reason for referral with someone first please ring the Children's Service Contact Centre and they will be able to help you. Telephone; 01274 435600 

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