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Bradford's Family Leadership Programme


  • The Family Leadership Programme is made up of 6 modules and each one will be delivered over 2 hours, by people with first-hand knowledge of the themes. 
  • Following Focus Groups, Listening Events and feedback from parent carer groups and schools, it has been identified that there is a lack of awareness and understanding about the support and options in Bradford.
  • The aim of the programme is to address common themes, ensuring that parents/carers and professionals are well informed about opportunities and support networks that are available in Bradford. As well as promoting the importance of planning for adulthood as early as possible (Year 9 at the latest).


  • The modules have been CoProduced by the following:
    • SEND Transformation & Compliance Team
    • SEND Integrated Assessment Team
    • SkillsHouse
    • Social Care (Preparation for Adulthood Team & Commissioning Team)
    • Health (Complex and Continuing Physical healthcare transitions team, & Wadiloves)
    • SORM
    • Snoop
    • Downs Syndrome Bradford

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The next Module is coming soon. 

Introduction to the Modules

Module 1  - Introduction and Rights (Powerpoint can be found here  or a the bottom of this page)

To help Parents/Carers understand Person Centred Approaches, the 4 PfA Outcomes and how they can help support their young person. Describes the key elements of  the Person Centred Review and how the resultant plan reflects what is important to and for the young person now and in the future, their capacities and what support they may need. Parents/Carers will also be introduced to the rights of the CYP.

Module 2  - Friends, Relationships and Community Opportunities

Participants are introduced to teams and information about social inclusion and accessing community opportunities

Module 3 - Independence and Independent Living

Personalises different options towards living independently, including budgeting and the various routes to many housing options including home ownership, renting, shared and supported living. Participants are introduced to a broad range  of assistive technologies that support independence and listen to the personal stories of those who have taken  the steps to supported independent living.

Module 4 - Education, Learning and Work (Powerpoint can be found here or at the bottom of the page) 

Drives the vision that with the right support, people with SEND can, achieve their wants, dreams and aspirations. People with SEND can and do work and this module introduces support, including signposting to relevant professionals and organisations, routes and outcomes. 

Module 5 - Planning for Good Health

Parents and carers will hear about what to expect from adult health services and provision, learn about  health action plans and the ways we can support young people with a learning difficulty and/or disability  in mainstream health services.

  5a CYP with LD and Speech and Language Therapies (Powerpoint can be found here or at the bottom of the page) 

An introduction to the support available from both primary care and specialist Learning disabilities health services for young people & adults with learning disabilities. Parents and carers will hear about what to expect from adult health services, including the GP’s learning disabilities register, annual health checks & health action plans as well as find out what support there is from more specialist services for those young people who have more complex or unstable health needs. An introduction to the support available from Bradford’s Speech and Language Therapy Service for Children and Young People aged up to 25 with SEND, who have communication and/or swallowing needs. Parents and carers will hear about the teams within the service,  how we provide assessment and intervention and the specialist support available

  5b Complex Physical Health –

This module will inform parents and carers about the role of PFA co-ordinators within the hospital setting . It discusses how the Transition health passport will support you through this process and how we use a multidisciplinary approach to ensure an effective transition to adult services.

Module 6 - What Happens Next and Feedback 

Concludes the programme, ensuring common themes identified throughout the delivery are addressed, as well as providing an opportunity for parents/carers to feedback to professionals. 

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