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SEND Ambassadors

SEND Ambassadors work with Bradford Council to help us address barriers (and potential barriers) for children and young people with SEND in the area, through supportive relationships and small group work.

What's involved

SEND Ambassadors will help Bradford Council develop strategies, enhance the Local Offer, raise aspirations of children and young people with SEND and encourage all to engage in learning, employment and training.

SEND Ambassadors will often have to:

  • be a positive role model and advocate for children and young people with SEND
  • relate to young people with a wide range of abilities and often from diverse social backgrounds
  • Improve services and provision for children and young people with SEND by gathering feedback.
  • jointly develop plans of actions and policies to help young people overcome barriers to achieving their full potential
  • liaise with schools, parents and carers
  • Encourage the voice of children and young people with SEND.
  • work closely with other professionals, like social workers, educational psychologists and education welfare officers.
  • help Council staff plan events for children and young people with SEND and their families.


Personal Qualities

Will be some or all of the following:





Respectful of others





An effective communicator


We currently have two groups of SEND Ambassadors who have agreed to work with us to co-produce SEND guidance, policies and strategies  and to provide valuable feedback to help us to improve Bradford’s SEND services.

SEND Children and young people Ambassadors

Now a group of 8 children and young people who have been working with us since January 2020?  The new SEND ambassadors group have met twice, in the first meeting they agreed upon our new strapline to go along side Bradford’s SEND strategy, this being, SEND: No Limits!

During the second meeting they put pen to paper and help design a new logo to go with the SEND: No Limits! Strapline. This will then be used to on every document that they help to produce and/or review.











Parent Ambassadors

A recently formed group of 8 parents who have been working closely with the SEND Transformation and Compliance Team since January 2020.

Our parent ambassadors have helped us review a number of policies and new developments, for example Bradford’s One Minute Guides. As well as providing feedback on both the Local Offer, SEND Ambassador Logo and Local Offer content.

A number of our parent ambassadors will also be part of a working group led by the Council for Disabled Children which includes professionals from the SEN team, Social Care, IMT, Health and Educational Institutions with the aim to produce an Outcomes Framework for Bradford.

What's involved

Ambassadors meet with Bradford Council roughly every 6 weeks to discuss/debate areas for developments and help: develop strategies, enhance the Local Offer, raise aspirations of children and young people with SEND and encourage all to engage in learning, employment and training.


•             To help Bradford build a better network of meaningful support for parents;

•             To support two-way communication, breaking down barriers, between the Local Authority, schools, Health and parents;

•             To raise awareness of support and services for children and young people with SEND and their families.

•             To assist Bradford Council in improving services for all children and young people with SEND and their families;

•             To help shape commissioned services; and

•             To help other parents and services to get the right support for their children to give them the best possible outcomes in life.

Getting Involved

If you would like to express an interest in becoming an ambassador then please send email the SEND Transformation and Compliance team at

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