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FAQ's for young people and parent or carers of children and young people in school/college

What should I do if …

1) My child needs support for social, emotional and mental health difficulties?

Discuss your child’s needs with school. What support and interventions are currently available? What else can the school do? Ask for information about referrals to external services i.e. CAMHS. The school should help with this. If not go to your GP.

"Are you worried about your child or young person" 

A parents guide to school exclusions

Pre-Diagnosis Identifying and Assessing SEND Pathway

Health Information, Advocacy and Advice

2) I want to apply for an assessment for an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP)?

Ask the SENDCo at your child’s school to apply on your behalf and provide you with the relevant form for your input into the process. 

Education Health Care Assessment, Plans and Process

Other related information

3) My child’s school refuses to help me apply for an assessment?

You are able to make a referral yourself. The links above provide information about how to apply, including applying yourself and support for services who can help with the process. 

4) The local authority refuses to carry out an assessment for an EHCP?

If you are refused an assessment you have a right to appeal. You can find the services in the EHCP and other related Information links above who can support with the appeal process.

5) I want to apply for mediation or a Tribunal Hearing?

Collis Mediation provide mediation and disagreement resolution services. In addition you can get support from services on the other related information link above.

6) I think that my child’s EHCP needs changing?

You can request a review of your child’s EHCP at any time, not just annually. Talk with the SENDCo at your child’s school or college.

Annual Review and Interim Reviews

7) The things stated in my child’s EHCP (the provision section) are not being provided?

Talk with the SENDCo at your child’s school or college. Highlight the things that are not being provided so that the school can address them. If you are not happy with the school’s response contact your SEND Casework officer at the Council.

Annual Review and Interim Reviews

SEND Specialist Assessment & Support Services (Local Authority)

8) If I have a meeting at school and I need some support?

Try to prepare as much as possible. Make notes. Write out what you want and the questions you will need to ask. Take someone with you – your partner, family member or friend. Contact beforehand, or ask to come along, relevant support organisations such as: Advocacy or SENDIASS

9) I am looking around a school for my child?

Education Provisions and Information  please use the sub categories and filters within this link to select the type of information or provision you require

Bradford Admissions and Exclusions Service

10) I have a complaint about my child’s school?

Ask your child’s school for a copy of their complaints policy. Seek help if necessary including from any relevant support organisation such as SENDIASS, Advocacy, IPSEA, or OFSTED.

11) I feel that my child is not getting enough help at school?

Talk with the SENDCo at your child’s school/college. Prepare in advance of the meeting by listing your child’s challenges and how you think they might be reduced. Write down what the school are going to do so you can return to this if you remain unsatisfied after a period of time.

Use the links above to support with this process.

13) My child’s school doesn’t recognise or agree that they have a SEND?

Pre-Diagnosis Identifying and Assessing SEND Pathway or speak with one of these agencies: SENDIASSAdvocacy or IPSEA

13) My child’s school is encouraging me to educate them at home?

This is wrong. Follow the schools Complaints Policy and/or contact a support organisation (e.g.. SENDIASS, Advocacy or IPSEA)

A parents guide to school exclusions

14) My child’s school is excluding them informally/illegally?

This is wrong. Follow the schools Complaints Policy and/or contact a support organisation (e.g.. SENDIASS, Advocacy, or IPSEA).

15) My child is being excluded yet I feel they are being less favorably treated?

You have a right to appeal any exclusion. Get some support to make your case (being really clear about how your child is being treated less favorably) from SENDIASS or IPSEA

A parents guide to school exclusions

16) My child needs to transfer schools to another school?

Make sure the school that your child is moving from is transferring all of your child’s information to the new school. Arrange a meeting with the SENDCO at your child’s new school to tell them all about your child’s needs and the things they need to have in place. If you are looking for a new school see question 9 above.

17) I am worried about my child’s move from primary school to secondary school?

Most primary schools and secondary schools work well together for this big change in a child’s schooling. They will make good transition arrangements for your child. If you are worried talk with the SENDCo's in both schools to make sure all the information is being shared and understood. Make a date to meet with the SENDCo of your child’s new secondary school a few weeks into the new term to discuss how well they have settled and if there is any additional support required. If your child has complex needs or finds change particularly difficult ask for a number of familiarisation visits with an adult that they know and trust.

18) My child is being bullied at school?

Contact the school immediately and arrange a meeting. Make notes before the meeting that sets out the bullying incidents so the school can clearly understand what has been going on. Write down at the meeting what the school has agreed to do so you can challenge the school if the issues are not resolved to your child’s satisfaction.

Bullying UK

19) I want to make sure my child’s medical needs are being met?

Ask the school for their policy on supporting pupils with medical needs. If the policy does not reassure you arrange a meeting with the school to make sure that they understand your child’s medical needs and what they have to do to meet them. You may feel that a medical care plan is needed, a plan drawn up with you. SENDIASS or IPSEA

20) My young person has been refused transport at 16?

Ask for a copy of the Council’s SEND Transport Policy and ask about the appeal process. If necessary seek advice from the relevant organisation e.g.. SENDIASS or IPSEA

Much more information can be found on the Local Offer please use the main page search function and select the main and sub category of information or services you are trying to find and use the filters to find information and services to meet your needs.

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