AutismLinks is a FREE website dedicated to making those helpful and sometimes vital links. It covers who to talk to, where to go and contains lots of helpful information all in one place.

Our website includes:
A comprehensive Event Calendar listing major national and also many local
events, including Training Workshops.

An extensive section on local Support Groups. There are many support groups around the country, made up of passionate, committed parents, carers and others alike, many who have been on or are walking the same path as you and can offer support, guidance or just a friendly chat and a cuppa just when you need it.

Links to your Local Authority’s Local Offer page, which lists services for parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities within your area. 

An ever-increasing list of Care Services and Education providers including Respite Care and Transition planning.

Links to advice regarding Diagnosis, Therapies and different Approaches. 

An Activities & Recreation section with many great ideas for family holidays and day trips, suggestions for half-term and weekend activities and even things to do on a rainy day.

Details of websites available to help with Money & Law, who to turn to and where to go when you need advice regarding your entitlements and your rights as an individual with special needs and disabilities.

Plus a whole lot more, why not visit today?

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