Medical Needs and Hospital Education Service & S19 Provision

Medical Needs and Hospital Education Service (MNHES)

Who we are

Our provision is available for all children of compulsory school age residing in the Bradford Local Authority area who cannot attend school because of illness and health needs. The Local Authority is responsible for arranging suitable education for these pupils who would not otherwise have a suitable education.

We provide education for pupils admitted to the Children's Wards of AGH and BRI as well as pupils who receive regular treatment at either hospital.

What we offer

The service offers education based on an individual assessment of needs and what their health conditions will allow. This allows:

  • Group education
  • Pairededucation
  • 1:1 education (in severe medical cases)
  • Outreach Education (in severe medical cases)
  • Remote learning/online learning
  • Learning work packs
  • 1:1 education at AGH and BRI Children's Wards

The number of hours offered is dependent on the individual's health needs. 5 hours of Maths and English are offered, along with other curriculum areas to create a full time offer if the pupil's health need allows.

MNHES Curriculum Offer 23-24

Our main aim is for the child to continue with their education and then transition to full time education in a mainstream school or otherwise dependent on need. This may be a transition to a Post -16 provision.

Where are we based

  • 21 Owlet Road, Shipley, BD18 2LU - Telephone 01274 582995
  • Ward 17 at Airedale General Hospital
  • Ward 12, 30 and 32 at Bradford Royal Infirmary

S19 Provision

Who we are

Our S19 Provision is a temporary education provision for those pupils with complex Special Educational Needs who are new to country or area whilst appropriate and effective educational provision is established

This is a full time provision for 8-12 pupils for a time limited period

What we offer

The service offers the following based on an individual assessment of needs

  • Small group education with specialist SEND teacher, HLTAs and LSAs
  • Individual and personalised curriculum based on needs
  • Close liaison with the Local Authority SEN Team to ensure appropriate provision based on need

Our main aim is for the child to be provided with an outstanding social and academic education to enable them to successfully transition to a permanent and appropriate education setting. This may be a transition to a Post -16 provision.

Where we are based

  • 21 Owlet Road, Shipley, BD18 2LU - Telephone 01274 582995


Senior Leadership Team

Hannah Whittaker Service Manager
Claire Wright Business Support Manager
Waqass Khalid Welfare Officer
Stephanie Cordingley Teacher in Charge
Sarfraz Nawaz Hospital Teacher in Charge
Lesley Wallace ED Team Teacher in Charge
Ruth Murney Primary, year 7&8 Team Leader
Robert Holladay Year 9 & 10 Team Leader
Gabrielle Murray Year 11 Team Leader

MNHES Team Visual 2324

We work closely with schools to ensure children continue and keep up to datewith their education. Schools can refer to our service using the following referral form:

MNHES Referral Form


Bradford MNHES & S19 Policy 23-24

Safeguarding Team

KS3/4 Team Leader/Interim Designated Safeguarding Lead Robert Holladay
Welfare Officer/Deputy Safeguarding Lead Waqass Khalid
Service Manager/Deputy Safeguarding Lead Hannah Whittaker
Business Support Manager/Deputy Safeguarding Lead Claire Wright
Teacher in Charge/Deputy Safeguarding Lead Stephanie Cordingley

Who to contact

01274 582995 01274 582995

Where to go

21 Owlet Road
West Yorkshire

BD18 2LU

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