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In relation to exclusions the LA and school must have regard to the guidance contained in the Department for Education (DfE) Guidance: Suspension and Permanent Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England, including pupil movement (2022)

View information about Parent Guide to School Exclusions – Frequently Asked Questions

Please see information below for further guidance.

Bradford School Exclusions Team Bradford’s exclusions team is made up of three officers that advise on exclusion from school. Please ring or email for impartial advice on anything to do with your child’s exclusion.

Our role is:

  • to make sure that the government’s exclusion guidance is followed to minimise disruption to a pupil’s education;
  • to advise school staff, parents or carers, governors and professionals and others seeking support on the exclusion process;
  • to support schools to use alternatives to exclusion, such as a managed move, look at behaviour as communication and consider underlying needs that develops support and provision captured within documents such as, my support plan (MSP), or pastoral support plans (PSP), phased reintegration/partial-timetables and referrals to other supporting services where appropriate;
  • to provide training to those involved in the exclusion process;
  • to support clerks to the governing board;
  • to monitor all exclusions from maintained schools and academies, and produce data for reporting purposes to the government; and
  • to attend governor meetings related to a permanent exclusions at maintained schools and as an observer at academy schools should parent or carer wish us to attend.

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Additional information can be found within resources at the bottom of the page.

School staff, parents or carers, governors and professionals and others seeking support on the exclusion process.

Paul Jennings          Exclusions Officer               01274 432446

Samantha Griffiths   Exclusions Officer              01274 435239

Karen Roper            Senior Exclusions Officer   01274 439333


Who to contact

01274 439333/432446/435239 01274 439333/432446/435239

Where to go

Margaret McMillan tower
Princes Way
Third Floor
West Yorkshire


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