Direct Payments

How do Direct Payments work?

The Support Option Team visit people once they have received a referral to set up a Direct Payment. The team goes through the full range of responsibilities in managing a Direct Payment. People may choose to manage the Direct Payment fully themselves. If they wish, people can also receive the following support through the Support Options Team in managing their budget: Referral to specialist payroll and accounting services, which offer a range of support including processing wages and calculating and deducting tax and national insurance contributions for any support staff employed through the Direct Payment; these service are also able to hold the funding for the Direct Payment recipient. The Support Options Team can also guide parents and young people through the Connect to Support Bradford website which contains a whole range of payroll and accounting services that people may wish to use. Support is also available from their allocated Worker and Connect to Support Bradford.

The Support Options Team work with parents and young people, once they have been allocated a budget, to calculate which portion of the budget is to be allocated to buying in services, paying for insurance, contingencies etc. Each Direct Payment undergoes a financial review at least annually, this is undertaken by Bradford Council’s Community Care Admin Team. The review is carried out to ensure that the Direct Payment funding has been used to meet eligible assessed care needs and that spend of the budget is accounted for. Information about the financial reviews are contained in the individual Direct Payment contract that each family/young person receives and is explained by the Support Options Team on initial and follow up visits. Where funding from Direct Payments is being used to employ support staff directly, it is compulsory of families/young people to purchase Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Personal Budgets are optional for the child’s parent or the young person but local authorities are under a duty to prepare a budget when requested. The child’s parent or the young person has a right to request a Personal Budget, when the local authority has completed an EHC needs assessment and confirmed that it will prepare an EHC plan. They may also request a Personal Budget during a statutory review of an existing EHC plan. Where a direct payment is proposed for special educational provision, local authorities must secure the agreement of the early years setting, school or college, if any of the provision is to be delivered on their premises.

  • Support is provided through the allocated Worker, the Council's Support Options Team click here and Connect to Support click here

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