Airedale Child Development Services

What does it do?

The Child Development Service consists of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, community paediatricians and therapy assistants who support children with a wide range  of  developmental difficulties. The team provides early diagnosis, intervention and support. We work with staff from other agencies to support the team around children with long term developmental difficulties. Some chiildrens and yound people will be seenm by several members of the team, others by only one or two., depending on their needs. Wherever possible we try to provide coordinate appointments

 The team also deliver the Neurodevelopmental assessment service for children aged  2-7  in the Airedale area

Who is it for?

For children and young people up to age 18 (19 in special school) with health and developmental needs such as physical disability, learning disability, social communication disorders (autism) and other long term medical  conditions.

 Each team has criteria  ( currently being updated ) . Please refer to the individual Therapy pages and the Airedale Trust website for tfurther information 

Your doctor, paediatrician,  other health professional   ( or school SENCO for some services) can refer you .

Telephone 01535 292821 for Children’s Therapy team

Telephone 01535 292830 for the Community Paediatricians


Who to contact

01535 292821 01535 292821
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Where to go

Airedale General Hospital
Skipton Road
West Yorkshire

BD20 6TD

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