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During the Summer and November of 2021, we held events with our Parent Ambassadors, various parent and carer groups, VCS groups, and colleagues across the Local Area. Two key findings were identified:

The first was a need for a balance between Compliance and Quality in relation to EHC Plans. In Bradford we are proud of the way that compliance of EHCPs have increased significantly over the past three years, with our compliance rate for 2021 being above the average of our statistical neighbours, and regional and national comparators. However, we agree with this as we are aware the quality of our EHCPs is variable.

The second key finding was a proposed levelled system of Quality Assurance. This includes ensuring all partners have robust QA practices that are then able to be appropriately scrutinised and challenged through independent QA opportunities.

This led to the development of our Quality Assurance Framework, which was approved by the SEND Strategic Partnership Board in October 2022. A copy of this document can be found here.

Throughout November 2022, we held a series of short drop-in sessions undertaking further coproduction our performance measures. The outcome of these sessions can be found here.

We are currently in the process of collating the data from the coproduced performance measures and hope to be able to share these towards the end of Autumn Term 2023. 

Please find our Forward Thematic Auditing Schedule here for the Academic Year 2023/24.

As always if you have any further thoughts or comments around our Quality Assurance Framework, please feel free to email us at

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