SEND Consultations, engagement, reviews, feedback and responses

As part of our commitment to SEND and improving service provision it is important we seek the views of parents/ carers and children and young people on the services they receive within the Bradford District.

If you are a Bradford Resident with a child or young person with SEND we would like you to get involved improving service provision. You can do this in a number of ways:

Attend a SEND Listening Event:

To register an interest in attending an event please email

Join a Parent/ Carer/ CYP Service user group:

To join the SEND Partnership Parent/ carer group please email sendt&

Give Feedback directly to the Service:

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Complete one of our surveys or consultations:

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Feedback from previous consultation and engagement work:





2018 or earlier

PFBA - The Parents Forum January 2021 Listening Event

Bradford Council SEN department and the Parents’ Forum for Bradford and Airedale held a joint listening event online on 27th January. This was the first of regular events and the next one will be held on Thursday 22nd April 2021. If you have any suggestions about topics to cover, speakers you would like to hear from etc, please let us know! You can email us on View the full details here

Should Bradford Local Offer Include SEND Services who charge?

Here you can find out how we work together with young people with SEND, parent/carers and service providers to decide whether to include those services and what the criteria may look like. To see what young people with SEND, and parent carers had to say you can view our "You said We document. 

Local Offer Consultation & Engagement Summary 2019-2020

Here you can find out about what activities have taken place during 2019/20 to raise awareness, engage, consult, and co-produce the Local Offer with children and young people with SEND, parent/carers and SEND service providers. To view the LO Consultation & Engagement Summary 2019-2020 click here. To view the full Local Offer Annual Report "You said and We did" 2019-2020 in detail click here.

SEND Transformation & Compliance Activity Timeline 2019/2020

Here you can find out what activities have taken place during 2019/20 by the SEND Transformation & Compliance team in terms of engagement, consultation, co-production, with children and young people with SEND, parent/carers and  partnership working with SEND service providers. To view the SEND Transformation & Compliance timeline click here.

CYP Outcomes Framework Survey

The Local Area’s Outcomes for Children and Young people survey has now ended and this report summarises the responses. The report was generated on 09/06/20. Overall 49 respondents completed the survey.

Short Breaks Survey

We consulted families in Bradford to help review our Short Breaks services and to help inform us of future developments.

SEND Parental Engagement Listening Events

Click here to view the planned SEND Parental Engagement Listening Events scheduled for this year.

Click here to view the feedback (You said and We did) gained at the SEND Parental Engagement Listening Events.

AWARE - Personal Budget Guidance, SEN funding & One Minute guides introduction

A member of the SEND Transformation & Compliance team co-hosted an AWARE virtual session on information linking to Personal Budgets. There were 26, plus a few professionals from Carers Resource, Home Start, Healthwatch and Early Help which attended the session. This was recorded and shared via AWARE's Facebook page. 

SEND Local Offer Annual Reports-You said and We Did 

Here you will find the Local Offer Annual Reports. The reports include details of how we have developed, engaged, consulted, co-produced and promoted the Local Offer each year using feedback gained from children and young people with SEND, their parent/carers and service providers. You will find details about how the LO is used by families, developments made and next steps. Click here to view the reports

Bradford Transforming Care Partnership Review 2018

Please click here to read the review

SEN Consultation Summer 2017-Feedback received 

This data was collected after holding an Open Forum meeting when a council representative came along and gave a presentation about the proposed cuts. This was before the consultation was extended. Click here to view survey's feedback.

parents forum bradford and airedale report 2017

Annual report and financial statements for pfba 2017. click here to view annual report.

dfe local area special educational needs and disabilities consultations send  

the inspection of local areas’ effectiveness in identifying and meeting the needs of children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. between 12 october 2015 and 4 january 2016, ofsted and the care quality commission cqc consulted formally on the proposals for inspecting how effectively local areas fulfil their responsibilities to children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. the inspections will be carried out jointly by the two inspectorates under section 20 of the children act 2004.

bradford's local offer website, social media, bradford schools online and the bradford councils website welcomed and promoted the local area send consultations and how to complete the online consultation process and how to submit views.

summary of ofsted and cqc key findings to the four proposals:

the overall response was very positive and there was strong support for each of the four proposals. respondents gave helpful and insightful comments and we were pleased to receive so many from children and young people. the responses are helping to inform our decisions about the inspection framework and how we will inspect local areas.

a full in detail summary report on the responses to the formal consultation has been published by ofsted and care quality commissioner on the governments website click here to view.

youth voice

youth voice feedback about mental health services

bradford youth service has gained feedback from young people called “help today’s youth help tomorrows bradford” about how youth today view the mental health service in bradford. feedback and recommendations have been provided and shared with the appropriate services to review and develop services. click here to view the feedback report about mental health services.

youth voice feedback about "what you should remember when designing services"

thrive bradford service consulted with young people in bradford about what should be taken into consideration when commissioning, designing and developing new services for young people. thrive bradford in partnership with young people have produced a very valuable piece of work called “helping young people to thrive”- what you should remember when designing services. this document is used by bradford council children’s services commissioners and services across the district. click here to view the feedback about "what you should remember when designing services".

children’s commissioners visit bradford’s young people march 2016

the children’s commissioners visited bradford’s young people in march 2016 to gain feedback from children and young people across the district. it was very helpful to visit you on 4 & 5 march 2016. we wanted to explore your experience of growing up in bradford and hear your suggestions for improvements locally. the views and experiences of children and young people help us better understand and improve things in bradford and across england. we would like to thank you for meeting with us. we have shared your thoughts and ideas with decision makers in bradford, including michael jameson, strategic director of children’s services. they are looking at how they can use what you told us to make a difference where you live, learn and play. click here to view what young people feedback about “what was good” and “what you worried about or could be improved”.

SEND Range Guidance Supporting Children & Young People Who Have Send-Review
Why are we updating the Range Guidance?

  • Since the previous version of the Range Guidance was produced, there have been significant changes within both SEN and Education. The new Code of Practice for SEND, Fair Funding and Assessment without Levels have all led to the Range Guidance becoming outdated and misleading.
  • In addition, issues relating to school funding and pressure on the High Needs Block mean it is more important than ever that schools and LA have a shared view of their individual responsibilities.
  • The Revised Range Guidance attempts to address all of these issues and provide clear consistence advice. It is based on existing models of good practice eg the Wigan Inclusive Quality First Teaching Audit and existing Bradford tools such as the SEN Progress Grids and SEN Support Grid.

Introducing the Revised Range Guidance
The Guidance has three parts:
Bradford Special Educational Needs Descriptors
•This document describes the complexity of the young person’s need where Range 1 is the lowest level of need and Range 5 the most complex. This is established using the Bradford SEN Progress Grids, alongside the SEND Descriptors and other assessment tools. 
Bradford SEND Graduated Approach Summary

  • Graduated Approach: ie the type and magnitude of intervention that should be put in place for the young person, in accordance with their identified SEN Range and  based on the SEND Interventions Grid.
  • SEN Support Offer: this clarifies where the support should take place and the source of funding for this.
  • Evidence: This indicates the documentation that schools should be able to provide to evidence their judgement regarding Range / Graduated approach.

Bradford SEND Graduated Approach Detailed
This document gives a more in depth view based in the key areas of need identified in the Code of Practice (2014), including:

  • Graduated Approach: ie the type and magnitude of intervention that should be put in place for the young person, in accordance with their identified SEN Range and  based on the SEND Interventions Grid.
  • Examples of Strategies and Resources: these are taken from the Bradford Quality First Teaching and SEND Provision spread sheet and serve as examples. The full spread sheet can be found here:
  • SEN Support Offer: this clarifies where the support should take place and the source of funding for this.

 Revised Range Guidance Early Years / 16 - 25
EY and 16 - 25 versions are currently under construction and will be added as soon as they are available.
Revised Range Guidance Roll Out
We aim to trial this Range Guidance between January and March 2019 and implement a revised version from April 2019. 
Please take time to look through the Revised Range Guidance and use it to explore and shape your provision within school

Revised Range Guidance (Draft)
Bradford's Revised Range Model Excel Spreadsheet
Revised Range Guidance Feedback

Complete the Revised Range Guidance Feedback sheet and return to :

The DfE replies: Accountability in SEND

(Published on the Special Needs Jungle website in three parts, February 2018)

Last year, the Department for Education offered to answer SNJ readers' questions about SEND. It's not the first time they've done this, you can see the previous session in 2016 here. Once again, you sent your questions in, we grouped them into themes and put them forward and waited. And now, dear reader, the answers are here. Before we start, I'd like to send Patrick, who was in charge of answering your questions but fell ill, our very best wishes for a full recovery; I'm sure you will do the same.  This meant an unavoidable delay, but other DfE SEND team members picked up the burning torch and thanks to Laura, Chris and colleagues for this.

Now, of course, it's a given that the answers will not completely satisfy you. Only a properly-functioning SEND system will do that. But with that acknowledged, I for one, appreciate the fact that the DfE has been open enough to do this in the first place and that we have had very good access in general. So, we start off with the first of three posts on the themes of support, EHCPs and accountability. Today, we're bringing you the 'support' section. Remember, this information is direct from the government so you can pass it on to schools, LAs, GPs, NHS providers and anyone else who you think needs this information.

Please click here to see the Special Needs Jungle DFE Response February 2018 attachment


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