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Preparing for adulthood

As a parent you’ll need to make important decisions at key points in your child’s life, and if your child has complex needs then we all need to work together to support these decisions, and plan their progress through school, college and beyond into the wider world.

"Preparing for Adulthood" (PfA) What does it mean?

The term “Preparing for Adulthood” is used to describe the process of moving from childhood into adulthood. Young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) should have equal life chances as they move into adulthood.

When does it start?
The Preparing for Adulthood Pathway starts when a young person is in Year 9 (13 or 14 years old). It may continue beyond the age of 19, for some young people, if it is considered that they require a longer period in education or training in order to achieve their outcomes and make an effective transition. Transition support from other agencies may continue until the young person is 25.

What are preparing for adulthood outcomes?
We will agree short and long terms outcomes to support the progress of the young person in meeting their educational and career aspirations. These steps must prepare and support them to achieve the preparing for adulthood outcomes:

  • Higher Education and/or employment - including exploring different employment options, such as support for becoming self-employed and help from supported employment agencies 
  • Independent living - this means young people have choice, control and freedom over their lives and the support they have, their accommodation and living arrangements, including supported living 
  • Participating in society - including having friends and supportive relationships, and participating in, and contributing to, the local community 
  • Being as healthy as possible in adult life - ensuring access to the right health professionals who understand the young person’s learning difficulties and disabilities.

During personalised annual reviews the school, family, representatives from the council and professionals will get together with the young person to identify the most appropriate pathway, enabling them to achieve their PfA outcomes.

So how can i as a parent/carer make a start with my child/young person to support them with Support Planning for Life-
Preparation for Adulthood through transition and beyond?

The Bradford Support Planning Toolkit developed by Special Needs Objective Outreach Project (SNOOP) and parent/carers is a valuable toolkit for parent/carers and their young people.  The free downloadable PfA toolkit  is available and located at the bottom of this page within the resource file

Bradford Council SEND Local Offer is working with young people, parents and carers, SEND services, colleges, training providers and employers to create and develop visual PfA pathway as requested by key stakeholders to meet the needs of young people with SEND.

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