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Transition Team – 14-25

What does it do?

There has been a change in the Transition Team. This means that the service now begins to work with young people from the age of 14. The focus of the work is preparing young people for adulthood. Transition is used to describe the period of time between the ages of 14-25 when a young person goes from childhood to adulthood. The term transition is mainly used by professionals to describe a young person’s journey to becoming an adult and accessing adult provision if necessary. There is a range of support available for young people when moving between children and adult services including information about how and when the transfer takes place. Agencies will work within the SEND code of practice. Transition planning begins in school, with pupils from the age of 14 being encouraged to think about what they want for the future. This will be followed by annual school reviews supported by everyone involved in a young person’s future plan, including education and if appropriate health and social care service. The young person is encouraged to be actively involved in his/her aspirations and future planning. The Transition Team within the Bradford Council Adult Department of Health and Wellbeing can support young people 14-25 who have a diagnosed disability and or physical disability with transition planning. Prior to 18 the team will provide advice, information and support for Preparation for Adulthood and complete any necessary Children’s assessments and monitoring. At 17 the team will complete a Care Act Assessment to determine what support the young person may require in adulthood. This includes: • Ensuring the safety and welfare of the young person • Support the young person to develop his/her independent skills • Work experience and learning opportunities • Support to live more independently • Manage everyday living tasks such as budgeting, shopping, cooking and personal care routines • Opportunities to develop friendships, relationships and join local commit activities • Support for young person to access healthcare services • Being healthy as possible • Support with continuing to reside in the family (if appropriate)

Who is it for?

The Transition Team work with young people from the age of 14. The criteria to access the service is that the young person has a diagnosed disability or complex health needs.

How do I access it?

At the current time there are two routes to access support/service from the Transition Team. From the age of 14-18 an assessment can be requested through Bradford schools online Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). This is for professionals making a referral. Parents, carer’s or young people can contact the service directly and have a discussion with the duty social worker. From 18+ the referral can also be made through Adult Service Access Point.

How can I find out more?

Telephone: 01274 435750

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