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Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS)

What does it do?

The Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) is an information, advice and support service for families in the armed forces. If you are a parent in the armed forces and your child has special educational needs you are advised to register with the service so the team can make sure the needs of your child are met.

Who is it for?

Parents in the armed forces who have a child with special educational needs. A child must be resident with at least one parent who is currently serving in HM Armed Forces.

How do I access it?

Contact the service directly. CEAS maintains a register of service children who require SEN support. If a Service child receives SEN support in schools and has been assessed by and/or benefits from provision made by a service or services external to his/her school in order for his/her SEN to be met more effectively then he/she should be registered with CEAS. In the case of those parents serving in the Army, the child must be registered with CEAS. Parents in other armed services who have children in these circumstances are strongly advised to register their children with CEAS.

How can I find out more?

Telephone: 01 980 618244

Address: Trenchard Lines, Upavon, Pewsey, Wiltshire, SN9 6BE
Website: click here

The purpose of the registration of a Service child with SEN will enable CEAS to:

(a)   alert military authorities which assign service parents to locations around the UK and the word that the families concerned have children whose SEN needs to be considered in any move;

(b)     initiate an MOD Assessment of Supportability (MASO) for pupils with complete needs to ensure the necessary resources are available overseas and support a smooth transition;

(c)     offer information, advice and support to service families who have children with SEN, whether they are static or mobile; this support can continue up to and including SEN and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST) hearings;

(d)     assist service parents in approaching receiving local authorities about incoming service children with SEN

(e)     assist service parents who have children with SEN placed in UK boarding schools with access to MOD allowances for support with escorted travel to and from overseas locations and additional SEN support for children in independent boarding schools

CEAS is reliant on the parents of the children registered with them to provide all the up to date and relevant information on their children's SEN.  The information held by CEAS will not, generally, include any information which has not already been made available to local authorities considering and carrying out the statutory assessment of Service children.

CEAS does not work with children directly but when asked for advice towards a statutory assessment, will be able to confirm their 'Service' status and any Service-induced family mobility the child may have experienced or is likely to experience.  Similarly, CEAS may be able to give an indication of the extent to which the deployment of the serving parent may impact on the family and the child.

Service Children's Education (SCE) provides education for service children living overseas.  The SCE is not a local authority and will not produce Education Health and Care Plans.  Children in SCE schools who have long term or complex special educational needs will be issued with a Service Children's Assessment of Need (SCAN).  A SCAN collates multi-professional advice about a child's SEN, information on desired outcomes and resources to meet identified needs.  This system is used overseas and will support local authorities to plan suitable provision for service children with complex needs when they move to the UK.

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