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Early education for 3 and 4 year olds

What does it do?

All families can get early education for their three or four year old for at least 15 hours a week from a school nursery, pre-school, day nursery, or childminder.

Who is it for?

All three and four year olds are entitled to a free early education place. The Local Authority makes available free early education places for every eligible child in the Bradford district from the relevant date following their third birthday until they reach compulsory school age. Working parents to get an additional 15 hours of free childcare a week during term-time. The number of free hours are based around term-time weeks. Parents can use the entitlement all year round but their child will receive fewer hours. For instance, your child could receive 30 hours for 38 weeks a year, or 22.8 hours for 50 weeks. A child is eligible for the new entitlement the term after their 3rd birthday. Parents can be kept up to date about when to apply for 30 hours using the link below.

How do I access it?

Speak to a day nursery, pre school, childminder or school nursery to find out if they are registered. For a list of childcare professionals registered to provide early education for three and four year olds you can use our online Childcare and Early Education Finder or contact Bradford Families Information Service on 01274 437503.

How can I find out more?

Telephone: 01274 437503

Text: Text: 'Early Education' to 07781472076 and we will call you back.
Website: click here

Free 30 hours childcare for 3 & 4 year olds criteria and information about when to apply? click here for more information

Visit Bradford Families Information Service webpage to find out more about childcare for 3 and 4 year olds here.

Search and find a childcare provider click here


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If you would more information or for us to send you a a free list of suitable childcare in your area please contact Bradford Families Information Service on the details below:

Email: fis@bradford.gov.uk

Telephone helpline: 01274 437503 

Community Language helpline: Polish/Slovak/Czech 01274 434905 and Urdu/Punjabi 01274 431252

Text FIS to 07781472076 and we will call you back.


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