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Public consultation Prevention & Early Help 2019

What are we consulting about?

Bradford Council wants your view on its proposed changes to where we deliver Prevention and Early Help services for babies, children, young people and families across the District. This includes from where we deliver the children’s centre core offer.

Prevention is about stopping problems happening. Early Help is about stopping problems that are happening from getting worse.

The proposal looks at which buildings are currently used to deliver these services, and how the Council could use these buildings more effectively in the future.

The proposals for the consultation were approved by the Council’s Executive at its meeting on 5 February.

This could allow for more money to be spent on staff to support families rather than on buildings.

The full Executive report has been published.

The consultation will run from 13 February and closes on 7 May 2019.

Why have we developed an estates strategy?

The estates strategy has been drawn up following the outcome of a public consultation carried out between November 2017 and February 2018 on the creation of a new 0-19 years Prevention and Early Help service.

The new service brings together a range of existing services to form a new set of preventative and early help arrangements for children, young people and families.

The new services are available through Family Hubs located in four areas of the district.

During the consultation many people asked that the Council review its use of buildings across the district. This would help show how we could use buildings as efficiently as possible so more funding could be available for front line services.

Why is consultation needed?

Statutory Guidance issued by the Department for Education places a duty on the Council to consult before:

1. Opening a new children’s centre

2. Making a significant change to the range and nature of services provided through a children’s centre and/or how they are delivered, including significant changes to services provided through linked sites

3. Closing a children’s centre; or reducing the services provided to such an extent that it no longer meets the statutory definition of a Sure Start children’s centre.

The Council needs to consult everyone who could be affected by the proposed changes. This includes local families, those who use children’s centres, children’s centres staff, any advisory board members and service providers. We particularly want disadvantaged families and minority groups participate in the consultation.

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