Find out what The National Autistic Society does to support autistic people and their families across the UK, and how we're working to change society for the better for those on the autism spectrum.

Our pioneering schools and adult services

Since we started the first autism-specific school in the world in 1965, we've been testing out the best ways to support autistic people of all ages. Today we run residentialsupported livingcommunity day hubsoutreachbefriendingsocial groups and employment support services for adults as well as specialist schoolsautism centres in mainstream schools and further education support for children and young people. 

Information and advice for autistic people, friends and families

We are determined to share the knowledge we've gained over the last 50 years, so more people are able to make informed decisions about their lives. Find out about our helplines, our local, volunteer-run branches, our membership programme, our training for family members, our parent to parent service for autistic adults, and our online community, which can help you get the information and advice you need.

Support for professionals

Our support for professionals includes training coursesconferencesconsultancy and an Autism Accreditation programme to help professionals working with autistic people gain the knowledge they need. We also offer support for employers to help you to understand how to attract autistic employees into your workplace. 

Our social change work

Our award-winning social change work helps politicians, businesses and the general public to understand autism better. Our policy campaigns help to make sure that new Government policies show a real understanding of autism. Our Access Award helps businesses and services of all sizes to become welcoming to autistic people. And we are soon to launch a new initiative to educate millions of the public about autism, based on the real experiences of thousands of autistic people and their families and friends. 

We can only do what we do because of the support of thousands of people who give their time and money to help autistic people get more support, understanding and appreciation. Can you help? Sign up to 
donatevolunteerbecome a member or campaign today.


National Autistic Society EarlyBird and Earlybird Plus Training for Autism

We are a charity in Bradford/Airedale and Wharfedale who are currently running 2 training courses within Bradford for children who have a diagnosis of Autism.  

The first one, Earlybird, is for children who are preschool age (2-5).  EarlyBird Plus is for children aged 4-9 and a place is also offered to the school setting to support the family with a consistency of approach between home and school.

We have been running the Earlybird Plus for the last 15 years or so in Bradford alongside SALT, the ASD Team at SEN support and various other professionals.  the course is free of charge.  We have also recently received funding to do the Earlybird course for pre school age children and we may be able to provide a creche should the families need one to attend the course.

Please see below for Application form and information on the EarlyBird Program