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The DfE replies: Accountability in SEND

The DfE replies: Accountability in SEND

(Published on the Special Needs Jungle website in three parts, February 2018)

Last year, the Department for Education offered to answer SNJ readers' questions about SEND. It's not the first time they've done this, you can see the previous session in 2016 here. Once again, you sent your questions in, we grouped them into themes and put them forward and waited. And now, dear reader, the answers are here. Before we start, I'd like to send Patrick, who was in charge of answering your questions but fell ill, our very best wishes for a full recovery; I'm sure you will do the same.  This meant an unavoidable delay, but other DfE SEND team members picked up the burning torch and thanks to Laura, Chris and colleagues for this.

Now, of course, it's a given that the answers will not completely satisfy you. Only a properly-functioning SEND system will do that. But with that acknowledged, I for one, appreciate the fact that the DfE has been open enough to do this in the first place and that we have had very good access in general. So, we start off with the first of three posts on the themes of support, EHCPs and accountability. Today, we're bringing you the 'support' section. Remember, this information is direct from the government so you can pass it on to schools, LAs, GPs, NHS providers and anyone else who you think needs this information.

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