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Short Breaks Equipment Grant

Equipment Grant for Short Breaks

Criteria and notes for applicants

Objectives of this Grant

This Grant is for up to £2,000 per organisation to purchase equipment for a Short Break setting. The Short Break setting is to be supporting Tier 2 Short Breaks Young people.

Targeted Services (Tier 2) – Vulnerable child with additional needs. This type of short break is open to young people who need some extra support to take part in a leisure activity. This is where a member of staff such as a play support worker or a youth worker will support a young person to take part in an activity. These young people are not in receipt of direct payments, shared care, respite or multiple short breaks however cannot access a Universal mainstream service.

The application must demonstrate the equipment chosen is done so by the young people attending the short break service. Any origination that fails to evidence young people participation will not be considered.

Additional to application form, we require 1 A4 page of evidence, photos, collages, graphs, drawing to evidence. This can be double sided if required.

The Grant will be accessed by a group of young people on a panel, alongside professionals.

Duration of Grant

The Grant will be a one off payment. It will be issued via cheque November/ December 2017, with no monitoring or feedback after this time required.


What we are looking for



Arts and Craft equipment

Partial funding towards a large project (i.e) funding towards an outdoor project over the stated amount.

Technology – computers, games, etc.

Not age appropriate (i.e) Game aged 18 years

Sensory equipment

Not approved as by UK Safety Standards.

Outdoor equipment – Bikes, Slide


Specialised equipment as requested by young people (i.e) Brail books, audio books.



Conditions of Grant


  • This Grant is for equipment. All equipment is to be bought in full at the time of purchase.

  • Maintenance, repair and service if required is the responsibility of provider.

  • Risk Assessments, safety and use of equipment is the responsibility  of provider.

  • The providers accepts all liability for any Serious Incidents relating to Health and Safety under RIDDOR and any reportable safeguarding incident that may result from the equipment funded by this grant

·         The providers accepts insurances must be in place for their organisation:

ü  Public Liability - minimum £10 million

ü  Employers Liability - minimum £5 million

Local Offer

All activity that receive any Short Break funding must take place in the Bradford district and directly benefit the residents of Bradford. The Provider must advertise this Project and keep it up to date on the Local Offer website, and also encourage service users to use the feedback section of this website.


Short Breaks Small Grant Equipment 2017-2018  Application Form-please download the application form found within the resource file at the bottom of this page.

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