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Personal Travel Assistance Budgets

Personal Travel Assistance Budgets

If your child gets assistance with travel from home to school or college, you may be eligible to receive a personal travel assistance budget.

A personal travel assistance budget (PTAB) is a sum of money which gives you choice and flexibility so you can make your own travel arrangements for your child.

The amount your child is entitled to will depend on your circumstances, it could allow you to:

  • Drive your child to school
  • Make an arrangement with other parents who also have a PTAB to share the driving
  • Employ someone, such as a child minder, to take your child to School

The benefits are:

  • You chose the method of travel
  • Regular payments made directly to your bank
  • Other benefits you may receive are completely unaffected
  • You get to decide what’s right for your child

The amount you receive will be based on a formula and will be the same regardless of how you choose to use it.

To find out more, and to register contact the Travel Assistance Service on 01274 439450 or email schooltravel@bradford.gov.uk

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