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In this section, you will find information and useful links about current consultations, new policies and upcoming events for children, young people and parent/carers with SEND. This section will be updated frequently starting on Wednesday 4th May 2016. If you have any relevant news items, please email See the file section at the bottom of this page to view useful word documents and leaflets.

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Neighbourhood and Customer Services / Youth Service Survey:


ACT For Youth campaign launch - social media toolkit 

On 28 September, ACT’s Act For Youth campaign launches in partnership with News UK, designed to help educate 11 to 16 year olds on how to stay safe in the event of a firearms or weapon attack. Key advice is to follow Run, Hide, Tell guidance until police arrive on the scene but insight shows that this messaging is not always effectively reaching younger audiences.

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SEND 0-25 transformation – a parents and carers information sheet

Our Ambition - Improve outcomes and life chances for all SEND children and young people in Bradford. 

As a result of feedback we have received in our formal consultation period which closes on the 30 September 2017 there will be a further extended formal consultation period.  We will be proposing a revised model based on this feedback which will be available in early October for formal consultation until the 22nd December 2017. The revised model, any accompanying documents and papers will be published here as soon as they are publicly available.

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Bradford Imperatives for Children

As you will be aware , we recently launched the Bradford Children and Young People’s Plan as a clear statement of our ambitions for children  and young people in the district.  A link to the plan can be found by clicking here

As a key part  of the plan we identified two key imperatives, the “must dos” that are fundamental to  improved  outcomes and underpin  success for our children.  These are

  • Improving school attendance.
  • Reducing the number of children who go missing from home or care

The imperatives are  linked to our Education Covenant, as these are not things that any one organisation or group of people can achieve on their own, they are things that are a district wide, partnership responsibility. Bradford Children’s Trust, who publish the Plan and set the Imperatives want to challenge all of us as a partnership to ask ourselves “What can I do to contribute to the imperatives?”  The Children’s Trust will be coming to partners in the Autumn to ask exactly this question. 

BBC launches nationwide search, training and showcase opportunity for disabled actors

The development programme, which is called Class Act: A Nationwide Search And Skill Factory, comes as part of the BBC’s ambition to support and raise the profile of disabled actors.

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