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LO Promotion and Feedback (Events, Workshops & Meetings)

Here are the workshops, events and meetings the Local Offer Officer has attended to promote, gain valuable feedback and review  the Bradford's Local Offer. The feedback gained from Children and young people with SEND and their parent carers has developed the Bradford Local Offer.

Events, Workshops and Meetings

Promotion, feedback and reviews received, involved district wide service providers, parents, carers, children and young people across the Bradford district with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Birth to 25 yrs. All feedback received about the Bradford's LO is published in the LO Annual Report which includes "You said We did" format. 

The Events, workshops and meetings listed here have taken place after the initial Local Offer consultations, workshops and co-production events that took place from 2014 to present. Annual Reports are published here for viewing.


December 2018

12/12/2018 Skills 4 Bradford Traded Services Marketplace Event 

November 2018

21/11/2018 - 6B Digital Local Offer Kick Off Meeting

23/11/2018 - Takeover Challenge-YP taking over the LO service- Health section and YP-Review services, content and accessibility 

27/11/2018 - Accessible Information Standard Awareness Training 

30/11/2018 - Building Connections - Collaboration approaches to support families

October 2018

12/10/2018 - LO Website updates and new services SLA's - Transformation to Prevention and Early Help restructure 

19/10/2018Collate and analyse service feedback received via LO

September 2018

12/09/2018 -  Preparation to Adulthood - Margaret McMillan Towers

18/09/2018 - Aware Autism Support Clinic - Southfield School

29/09/2018 - Leeds Dyslexia Festival - Leeds United Stadium

August 2018

02/08/2018 - CAMHS - Training - understanding and supporting emotional safety and resilience in CYP

16/08/2018 - SENDIASS  Meeting with Barnardo's Listerhills

July 2018

08/07/2018 - PEH Web content workshop - Children centres web transfer

10/07/2018 - Introduction to Team Work Skills@ Bradford College

12/07/2018 - Bradford Local Authority Commissioned Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) Free School Event

30/07/2018 - Adventure Development - Multi Adventure Sessions - Doe Park Water Activities Centre 

June 2018

19/06/2018 - Preparation to Adulthood meeting - Margaret McMillan Towers, Delius Room

26/06/2018 Local Offer Promoting  - Shipley College

28/06/2018 - Safeguarding Training - What's different for Disabled Children

May 2018

01/05/2018AWARE Asian Mothers Coffee morning - Abbey Green Children Centre

02/05/2018Rainbow group at Barkerend

02/05/2018SEND Moving on Event - Jonathan Silver Building at Shipley College

03/05/2018 - IPSEA SEND Law Foundation Training Day

04/05/2018SEND Groups for families within Children Centres - Canterbury Nursery School

08/05/2018Transition PfA Visual Pathway Planning working group meeting Year 9-11 – MMT

14/05/2018Information & Service Access Group Meeting - MMT 

April 2018

17th-18th/04/2018 In-Control event – Milton Keyes

24/04/2018 -  Bigger Voice meeting for Support Groups - Mercure Hotel, Bingley

26/04/2018 Local Offer & SIP-CYP LO Co-production meeting - MMT

March 2018

06/03/2018  - Barnardo's Tea Party - Barnardo's Lister hills

07/03/2018SENCO Forum – MMT View room

09/03/2018Preparation to Adulthood meeting - MMT

12/01/2018  - Local Offer Business Process Mapping - MMT

13/03/2018 Current SEND Groups for families within Children Centres – Reevy Hill Children’s Centre

22/03/2018 - Widening Participation Event – Bradford College 

23/03/2018Keighley College Coffee Morning

February 2018

01/02/2018SEND Places letter distribution KLY & BFD – MMT

07/02/2018 SEND: Alignment to Prevention and Early Help - MMT

22/02/2018 - Transforming Care Share & Learn Webinar 

January 2018

12/01/2018 - Local Offer Business Process Mapping

19/01/2018 GovDelivery training – MMT

31/01/2018 - SEND Teaching Support Services Consultation-YP feedback support meeting - MMT 

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