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Care Act

Care and support has changed for the better, through the Care Act 2014. The Care Act that makes care and support more consistent across England. The Act covers care and support for adults and clearly states what a Council will have to do and what support people can expect.

Wellbeing is at the centre of the Care Act places and makes sure that people can be in control of their own care. The Act makes it clear what the Council has to provide.

The Act focuses on:

  • Giving information which will help people to make better choices for care and support
  • Carers will be entitled to an assessment and some will be entitled to support
  • A change in how people are assessed for care and support. This follows a standard criteria so that anyone in England will follow the same eligibility rules

The Care Act has changed care and support in England for the better. Within our website, we have included a series of publications to help you understand what’s new and what has changed as a result of the Care Act.

For more information about the Care Act factsheets click here

For more information about the Care Act click here

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